Who’s No.1?

Yes, we are lions at home; the spin-kings of world cricket. We encourage our bowlers to bowl the way they want, endorse the flair of our world-class batsman. We might not hold the mantle of number 1 in Test Cricket right now, but I cannot concede anyone else does either. Till they beat this Indian team at home in a series or even come close to doing so, let alone dominate them on spin-friendly wickets, how can anyone be No.1?

To all those doomsayers of Indian cricket, the critics who write India off when they tour England, South Africa or even Australia, I want to ask a question Read More


A tribute


A profound sense of loss; the worst sinking feeling I’ve ever had; Rahul Dravid retired from all forms of the game yesterday! Opening the newspaper today, reading the wonderful kind words people wrote for him makes you realise what we’re going to miss so incredibly. What a true Gentleman of the Game he’s been, how long he’s held that mantle, how many of us he’s inspired, how much confidence he’s instilled in all of us, how much he’s taught us. He embodies the true meaning of a hero, there’s never been and there never will be another Rahul Dravid, you will be missed deeply and fondly Sir! I only pray that you are around for those who will be trying to fill your big shoes now! Wish you the best in all your future endeavours.