Who I Am

I’m a voice that wants to be heard

Distinctly, not blurred

With high hope and inspiration

Convincing is my word


As a voice of suggestion

I don’t mean to cajole

I’m a voice that seeks to question

Question every, whole


Not merely stimulation

Clearly it wants to conceive

A voice that wails ‘liberation’

Determined to believe


I’m a voice that is reaching

Far out, persuasive

Both profound and tolerant

I’m a voice that is pervasive


A voice that wants to echo

Echo in minds, all kind

With vision and true foresight

Look before I’m blind


I’m a voice you can hate

Certainly not ignore

A voice that is learning

Eagerly to endure


I’m a voice that has wings

Use them, I fly

A voice that is burning

Can’t wither away or die


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