Business as usual

Dear Mr Chaudhari

We know you know nothing of defamation, only that the term and what it may constitute makes your ‘business’ suffer. Nor do you comprehend what is essentially being debated here, since you have no clue what ‘freedom of expression’ in fact encompasses; by all accounts it seems like you couldn’t care less. But please can you do us – especially your students – a ginormous favour? Please google ‘The Streisand Effect’.

Kicking the axe with one’s own foot fits much better than axing one’s foot in this case – the latter, I guess, is still somewhat plausible. I truly feel for your students mate, and not because UGC doesn’t recognise you.

What a total wuss!

Shite! Was that defamatory?

PS: For the number of times Arindham Chaudhari uses the term ‘business’ for his educational institute and proclaims to have had the interests of such ‘business’ negatively affected by assumed-until-not-proven defamation in the following news show, he sure does attract a lot of students to his infamous ‘institute’. We the people need to start following the real actions of ‘business’ leaders and not their advertisements. I thank you lord for alternative/social media!


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