Now, more than ever



Today is no different to any other day. A girl is being raped in some remote corner of the country. It may or may not be represented in ‘rape sheets’. It may not get noticed by mainstream or any media. We may not get the chance to march for her rights. She may not have the fortune to get to a hospital, have even a chance at survival.

The recent publicised, popularised and politicised incident we know is not isolated. Let us make it not appear so. It might’ve been ‘rarest of the rare’, but let us make sure we vindicate also the rare and the not so rare. Let us question, not just the woeful enforcement of law and the insensitive policing, but also the archaic, unwholesome value-system residing within us; a malignant code that cuts across caste, class and culture paradigms. Let us acknowledge it, only then can we even consider contributing to the solution toward the real problem, the problem that is pandemic.

The 23 year-old needs her rest in peace, so does the middle aged woman from Nawanshahr, Punjab, and the 18 year-old woman who committed suicide in Punjab, and the 2 and a half year old child who died in Halol, Vadodra and countless other non-survivors. The survivors need support now more than ever, for our cry for justice is far from over; we need to show them that this is not the end, we need to show them we can change as a people.

#dented painted and proud


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