The place I call home

India used to make me proud, Delhi even prouder; A privileged refuge, exalted status, abundant resourcefulness, luscious greens, burgeoning infrastructure, innumerable opportunities, demographic dividend, economic progress, lively culture, fresh air, vivid thought, humble faces, unfathomable freedom, uninhibited happiness.

Have I been dreaming?

How I see it today: refuge to the privileged, disparaging status, selfish resourcefulness, sporadic greens, choked infrastructure, profligate opportunities, demographic burden, economic instability, rotten elitist culture, air-ha! – loathsome, banal thought, pretentious or worse despondent faces, a charade called freedom. Unmentionable, the level of my happiness!

What in the heck happened? Is there something wrong with me? Did I just grow-ahem wake up?

No wonder I want to run away. Come to think of it, run away where?

#Missing my warm haven


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