A dark matter of sorts

I have for long wondered what the future would look like.

While physicists struggle to understand the realms of Dark Matter, the entire scientific community believes it is of profound significance. If comprehended, it may help us advance technologies to greater heights and improve lives further, not unlike the discovery of sub-atomic particles or Matter. Some scientists would argue that Dark Matter poses the most intriguing questions in our entire Universe today, but what does it really mean for us ordinary folk? The process is painstakingly slow but, I have no doubt we will soon be applying Dark Matter to our daily lives in one form or another (maybe in the next century). What is disconcerting is the governance of its future applications. The question of governance and control, not just of Dark Matter applications but also of everything else, is what brings me to another form of ‘dark matter’ lurking in society.

While a multitude of scientists study the Dark Matter engulfing our Universe, there are only a few of us who investigate the applications pertaining to the ‘dark matter’ of the elitist mind. I do not refer to the rich, wealthy and famous when I talk of the ‘elitists’, although that does happen to come with the territory. I talk of those who have for long understood the system; for they built it, and use such system to their utmost advantage, without eliciting suspicion in ordinary minds (we continue to hope this is changing). For me, the idea of society founded on meritocracy is a manifestation of such dark matter, for I do not understand exactly how it functions, only that it extensively exists and ubiquitously affects. As is the case of Dark Matter in the Universe, there is huge mystery and significance surrounding elitist minds, as their chain of thought penetrates the very fabric of society as we know it. There is however a major distinguishing factor, scientists aren’t even a patch on the elitists when it comes to the widespread use of their respective dark matter[s].

Coming back to my perpetual wonder, the way I see it future will depend as much on our understanding of society’s dark matter as on the scientific applications of the Universe’s Dark Matter. Unravelling both is key. Of course I cannot discount what else the scientists now know, for each part of Dark Matter there are three parts of Dark Energy. Dark Energy is set to rip the Universe in the distant future and learning to ‘positively’ use Dark Matter maybe the only way to save the demise of our planet.

I can’t help but marvel at the uncanny resemblance of events that take place in our daily lives with those that may take place billions of years in the future. The ironies of existence! Epic!


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