A Poignant Proposition


I like how the Congress is harping on about the hollow solitary claim to fame of Modi’s political campaign – the relentless economic growth in Gujarat. In the words of Swapan Das Gupta, “Congress seems to be…questioning Modi’s credentials as the new messiah of development”. You can read his full article on Modi 2012 here: http://www.swapan55.com/2012/07/plot-of-growth-story-where-narendra.html

I’m not saying I am for Modi, for I’m a humanitarian first and an endorser of progress second, but Congress has some cheek postulating under-performance of Gujarat on healthcare, rural housing and other ‘crucial fronts’ primarily advocating negligence of the common man. Doesn’t the kind of economic growth effected by Congress at the centre have resounding resemblance with that of Modi’s industrialised Gujarat? Of course not in terms of corruption, Congress at the centre is surely the front-runner there when compared to Gujarat. But, emphatically so in the terms of widespread neglect of the aam aadmi. The populist reform movements of Congress are grossly misleading; they do very little for the mango man, reek of crony capitalism and further enable control in the hands of a privileged few, our politicians no less.

Has Modi done well in Gujarat in terms of GSP? – can’t refute that. Considering Gujarat’s track record, do I think Modi is the right choice for Gujarat, let alone India? – most definitely not. What then of the Congress? – no thank you, please. With respect to the result of the forthcoming general elections, Swapan Das Gupta asks an incisive question:

“Will the aam aadmi also choose to overlook corruption as something inherent in the Indian way? Alternatively, will there be an angry vote, perhaps even for a different way of doing politics? In that case, which is the lesser evil?”

If the angry vote doesn’t  amount to Modi’s election but a totally different way of doing politics, unequivocally the latter I’d say.


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