Is there any force left in this world, that is of any significance, not conspiring in selfish acts of promoting ludicrous self-interests?

I deplore such heinous pursuits; am appalled and petrified by what is slowly unraveling and the real despicable fact is that I’m not even close to comprehending the gravity of the situation.

It is only now that I understand the significance of the proverbial ‘red pill’ that the great Morpheus had to offer and the burden it entailed. What is ironical is how Morpheus wanted to free ‘Zion’ from the Matrix and it is Zionism, in the real world, that stands at the helm of global problems today, allegedly of course.

The conspiracies can easily boggle your mind. For someone who always considered his curiousity a boon, not a bane, it is changing quite quickly.

How I sometimes wish I had taken the blue pill.

The following is a must-see documentary about the crisis in Palestine:


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