The Iceman hath cometh!

“Just leave me alone, I know what to do”

That’s Iceman Kimi shunning away his team’s attempts to keep him updated on Alonso’s lap times behind him after Hamilton fizzled out to a sad end at the Yas Marina Grand Prix today. Raikonnen gained first position and went on the win his first race of the season. Feel so lucky to have witnessed an unbelievable race and the comeback story of the year.

I can never forget the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2007 which was the last race of that particular season. Kimi started 3rd in both the Driver’s Championship and the race. Against all odds he finished first and beat both Hamilton and Alonso, who finished at 109 points a-piece, by just 1 point to snatch the World Championship!

2010 saw Kimi’s premature retirement and the technical prowess of the Red Bull racing team dominate the championship. Red Bull’s reign saw them win the Driver’s and the Constructor’s championship  in both 2010 and 2011. In the midst of this dominion we are now witness to what should be known as one of the best Formula 1 seasons in the history of the sport: F1 2012. 8 different Grand Prix winners till now and 2 races still to be played out with no clear winner in sight. With strong opponents like Red Bull, Ferrari, Mclaren and Mercedes, the Lotus F1 team has done incredibly well to keep pace, while Kimi has managed to jolt himself to No.3 in the Driver’s Championship.There is no doubt one of Vettel or Alonso will be crowned the Champion at the end of this season, however 2012 is true testimony to how well FIA has regulated this season. All teams have been in the hunt and we don’t have any single team dominating the entire season like the Ferrari of the 2000s or the Red Bull of 2010-11.Notwithstanding the cryptic politics of Formula 1, Kimi’s win signifies the beauty of racing to me. And just for the record I love the ICEMAN!

‘whether you win by an inch or a mile, a win’s a win’


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